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What is Appointment Setting?

In a world of overflowing inboxes, Growth Hub cuts through the noise with meticulous sales intelligence, industry-leading automation and hyper-personalisation. It’s next-gen lead-gen.

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Buyer personas

We identify valuable buyer personas using data-led sales intelligence for precise targeting.


Multi-touch campaigns

We design a suite of outbound sequences, based off different intent and trigger points.


AI-powered personalisation

Our AI analyses data to deliver tailored messaging and experiences. At scale.


Sales playbook

We develop a scalable sales model for predictable growth.


Expert appointment setters

Our skilled team secures appointments with qualified leads.


Continuous analysis and optimisation

We constantly improve through testing, analysis, and feedback.

What can you expect?

Highly qualified leads

Our targeting techniques ensure a consistent flow of qualified leads who are genuinely interested in your offerings.

Increased conversion rates

Our personalised campaigns maximise conversion rates, resulting in more sales and higher revenue.

Improved ROI

Our services deliver a strong return on investment, driving increased marketing ROI for your business.

Enhanced brand visibility

We enhance your brand visibility within the B2B market through strategic messaging and outreach.

Timely follow-ups

We prioritise prompt communication with leads, increasing conversion opportunities.

Detailed reporting

We provide comprehensive reports and analytics to empower your marketing strategies.

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“The results of working with Growth Hub have been very impressive. They’ve delivered for us — they’ve proven my initial skepticism wrong. Growth Hub exceeded my expectations and delivered on everything I requested."

- CEO & Founder, Pollen VC, Martin Macmillan

“Collaborative and hands-on, the team communicates well and demonstrates a strong understanding of our business and customers. Their robust strategies ensure a successful engagement."

- Head of Operations, Fintech, Kath G

“They have a unique strategy for cold outreach based on scalable but meaningful personalization."

- CEO & Founder,, Dima P

“Growth Hub stood out with their approach to discovery; they understood our value proposition and customers."

- Head of Marketing, Technology, Anonymous

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