Privacy Notice 

March 2022


We respect your privacy and understand that privacy is important to you and that you care about how information about you is used, so this privacy notice sets out details about what data we collect and how we use it.

About us

We help businesses to drive new business and accelerate growth, by providing a range of services including sales development, consultancy and lead generation. You can find more about our services on our website (

How to contact us

If you have any questions about how we collect and use your information not covered in this privacy notice, or if you wish to speak to someone about our approach to data protection and privacy, please contact our Data Protection Officer via:

Data we collect and process

Visitors to our website

When we collect personal data via our website, we will be upfront about it and it will be obvious to you that you’re providing personal data and how we will be using it. 

Google Analytics

When someone visits our website ( we make use of the Google Analytics service to collect standard information about visitors to the site and their behaviour (e.g. what pages they viewed). The data provided by Google Analytics is anonymised and in no way enables us to identify individual visitors, however, Google Analytics will place a cookie on your device to enable the service. For more information about how Google Analytics cookies work on websites visit: You can also opt out of the use of Google Analytics across all websites:

If you contact us

Online forms

If you fill out one of our website forms (e.g. the form data is sent by email to the relevant person within our company and stored in our CRM. This means a copy of what you submit in the form will be stored within the relevant person’s email account (on a server) as well as on their local device email client, as well as the CRM. We may also keep a copy of the form data within the database of the website for backup purposes 

Booking a call

We use a third-party application (Calendly) to allow you to find our availability in our meetings calendar. As such Calendly will process your information (according to their privacy policy: for the purposes of booking in our online diaries an appointment for us to discuss your needs and how we can help you.

When you book a call, we will organise a Google Meet or Zoom call, to find out more information about your business and your current processes, before putting forward a suggested solution. We will record details of our conversation in our CRM.

People who contact us via email

If you email us directly, your email will be stored by our email provider and on the devices of those who receive the email. We will use the information in the email to deal with your enquiry.

Customer data

If you are one of our customers, we will store your information in our CRM. Other information (e.g. if we communicate with you) will be stored in our email system, or via chat or other productivity tools which we use to optimise our own business processes.

Lead generation data

Where we process lead generation data for you, we do so by following the relevant data protection, privacy, and marketing compliance rules, depending on where in the world the sales leads are.

If we use your systems, your data will be kept on your systems.

If we collect lead data for you, we will collect and store, typically, name, email address, job title, company name, in a spreadsheet which we will share with you.

If we carry out marketing activities for you, relevant personal data will be stored within our email systems, or social media (e.g. LinkedIn) accounts and the outcome of the marketing activity will either be communicated with you via email or via a link to a spreadsheet for you to download.

If you receive marketing communications from us directly, or on behalf of one of our customers

We will only reach out to you about our or our clients’ products and services if it is lawful for us to do so. Typically, we will only retain details about your name, position, contact details and company name. This information will be stored in our systems to maintain a list of individuals who are interested in the marketing. This may be shared with our clients where applicable, but we will only share information where it is lawful for us to do so.

Supplier or contractor data

If you are one of our suppliers we will collect the minimal information about you and your services as required to make use of your services and deal with invoices and payments for your services. Such information will be stored within our accounting package for the purposes of our accounts and will be retained accordingly.

Individual employees within our business may also retain your contact details within their email application or via business cards that you may provide to us.

Retention of personal data

Unless stated elsewhere in this document or in our terms of services we only store the data necessary to provide the services we provide to you. We will keep this data for as long as it is lawful for us to do so (this may be for as long as you are a customer or because of a legal obligation to retain the information, whichever is the longest).

Third party processors

We use a number of third-party cloud-based services for the purposes of effectively running our business and providing our services to you. We also use a number of third-party organisations, e.g. accountants, HR support, data storage, etc.

In all cases where we are using a third-party service or company, we will only provide the minimal amount of information for the purposes of delivering the service to us and to meet our requirements. 

We always carry out due diligence against all our third-party suppliers for the purposes of ensuring their compliance with data protection, maintaining adequate security of your data and ensuring they apply adequate data protection principles to the processing of the data we supply. We also make sure a legally binding contract (sometimes called a Data Processing Agreement or DPA) is also in place to protect your data.

Your rights

Under current data protection legislation in the UK, you have rights as an individual which you can exercise in relation to the data we store and process about you. You can find more information about your rights on the Information Commissioner’s website:

If you would like to exercise your rights, or if you have any questions, please use the following contact details:

How to withdraw consent and object to processing

Where we are processing your data and needed to ask your permission to do so, you are able to withdraw your consent at any time. If you wish to stop receiving our marketing emails you can do so, by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom or the email or by contacting us.

You should also contact us, if you wish to raise concerns about the way we are processing your data or would like to raise an objection to the processing.

Keeping your data up to date

It is important that any of your data that we process is kept up to date. We will from time to time ask you to verify your contact details but if you wish to update any information we hold about you, please contact us with your updated details.

Erasure of your data (the “right to be forgotten”)

Under some circumstances you may request us to delete your data from our systems. Where this is possible (e.g. we don’t have any legal purpose for continuing to process your data) we will erase it from our systems. If it’s not possible for us to delete your data, we will explain the reasons why.


Your right to portability allows you to request a machine-readable format of the data you supplied to us and associated service logs (where we store them). 

Access to your data (a so-called Data Subject Access Request)

You have the right to ask us about what data we hold about you, how we process it and to ask us to provide you with a copy of the information, free of charge and within one calendar month of your request.

To make a request for any personal information we hold and process about you, we would prefer it if you could put it in writing or in an email to the addresses above. We will need to verify your identity before providing the information and where necessary may contact you further to ensure we understand what data you are requesting.

Sharing your information

We do not share any personal data with any third parties unless it is lawful for us to do so, if required by law to do so or if you provide us with permission to do so.


If you feel this privacy notice does not go far enough in explaining how we have used your personal data, we are happy to provide any additional information or explanation needed. Any requests for this should be sent to

If you want to make a complaint about the way we have processed your personal information, we’d rather you brought it to us in the first instance, but of course you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office in their capacity as the statutory body that oversees data protection law in the UK – 

More information

For more information about your data rights and privacy or data protection in general visit the Information Commissioner’s Office website: