Offshore Employment: Same talent, less money.

Unlock global workforce solutions for up to 60% less.

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What is Offshore Employment?

Cost-efficiency, flexibility, and access to the best talent are key drivers for success. That's where our Offshore Employment Services come in.

We provide a dynamic solution that blends the advantages of outsourcing with the control and customisation of traditional employment. Same talent, up to 60% savings.

Whether you're a UK or US-based business, we offer a gateway to an exceptional workforce in South Africa and India without the complexities of middle management, foreign-entity setup or compliance.

Send us your open roles and we'll do the rest.

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Empowering Your Business with the Right Talent

Reduced Overheads

Access skilled talent in South Africa and India, optimising your operational budget.

Tailored Solutions

Customise your team to fit your unique business needs, providing flexibility and scalability.

Retained Control

Streamline your outsourcing process while retaining complete control over employee management.

Scale For Less. With Control.

Remote staff that report directly to you, without the usual outsourcing headaches.



Tell us what you need. We'll create a tailored plan to meet your specific requirements.



We'll source and screen candidates, and put together a shortlist for interview.

If there's a fit then we start the hiring process. There's no commitment from you until you're ready to hire.



We take care of the legal and HR side of things. You simply sign a rolling monthly service agreement with us, with no fixed commitment.


Set Up

We will set up your team to make sure they have everything they need to start working for you, including dedicated office space if needed.


Client-Led Employee Management

You maintain complete control over managing your employees while we take care of payroll, compliance and HR.

Build your team faster. For Less.

Access to global talent for up to 60% less.

Don't take our word for it.

“Growth Hub is quickly becoming a trusted advisor and there’s a lot we will work together on in the future."

- CEO & Founder, Pollen VC, Martin Macmillan

“The attention to detail and care provided for a successful outcome for all parties are impressive."

- Head of Care, Plum Guide, Ashlee Gladman

“Growth Hub also provides advice on how we can be more efficient and accurate in our partnership."

- Sector Mapping Team Lead, Global Investment Firm, Alex B

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