Saving businesses 70% on back office & admin support

We understand the importance of flexibility. Which is why we offer project-based and dedicated teams, with no minimum team size, all managed from the UK.

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What Services do we offer?

Minimise cost and maximise efforts with our data and back office services.


Back Office Services

Unlock efficiency and cost savings with our back office services based out of India.

From data entry to administrative support, trust us to streamline your operations.


Sales Research Services

Based in India, our expert analysts specialise in enriching and refining your contact data with personalised information, intent analysis and trigger points, saving you up to 60% in operational costs.


Pay as you go Data

No costly database subscriptions, just full transparency and flexibility. Only pay for the data you need, when you need it, and use it however you’d like. 

With Pay-as-you-Go data services, our clients save 30% on average in upfront costs and ongoing maintenance fees. 


Done for you Data

Our advanced targeting and in-house capabilities enable us to gather intent and trigger signals specifically for your ideal prospects. 

We then combine these data points with our cutting-edge AI to create personalised sentences that can be seamlessly integrated into your sales outreach copy. 

This results in highly targeted and personalised messaging that generates a significantly higher response rate.

Example workflows.

Data Entry

Data Deduping

Data Collection

Data Cleansing


Data Enrichment

Data Categorisation

Website & Data Scraping

Lead Enrichment

Email Verification

Menu Entry

Candidate Sourcing

Industry Research

Content Moderation

Training Data Collection

Property Owner Search


Engineering Assistance

Job Listing Research

Event attendee research

Database Cleansing

CRM Enrichment


& Catagorisation

Product Optimisation

Over 20 years of Business Success

  • Global Business Leader in BPO: Successfully scaled a leading BPO from 200 to 2,000+ employees, with teams ranging from 2 to 400+.
  • Strategic Offshore Team Building: Expertise in helping clients expand BPO operations offshore to drive cost efficiencies and operational excellence.
  • Innovative BPO Solutions: Developed tailored BPO solutions for clients, leveraging the latest AI technologies wherever possible, to deliver tangible value through cost savings and process optimisation.
  • Continuous Innovation: Committed to continuous innovation, consistently seeking out and implementing cutting-edge technologies and methodologies to stay ahead of industry trends and deliver unparalleled value to clients.
  • Trusted Advisor: Built a reputation as a trusted advisor, providing strategic guidance and actionable insights to accelerate business growth.

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